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Returning The Favor

Returning The Favor

Episodes - Season 1

Episode 1

A Bicycle Built For Blue

Mike Rowe straps on his helmet and pedals to Minneapolis, Minnesota to meet Officer Mike Kirchen, a bike cop who is bridging the gap between his local police department and the community they serve.

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Episode 2

A Correction Officer's Tough Love

In this episode of Returning the Favor, Mike Rowe and the team head to Peoria, Illinois to meet Carl Cannon, a former Corrections Officer who is focused on keeping youth out of prison.

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Episode 3

The Top Chef Delivering Joy

Mike and the team head to sunny Phoenix and drop into the Joy Bus Diner to grab a bite with Jennifer Caraway; a “rad” Chef who prepares and delivers free gourmet meals to homebound cancer patients in her community.

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Episode 4

The Cowboy Who Cares

Mike and the crew mount up and ride into Phoenix, Arizona to spend time on the Robinson Ranch and meet John Robinson - a modern day cowboy who is changing the lives of special needs children by introducing them to horse therapy.

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Episode 5

Amazing Grace and the Underdogs

Mike and the crew head to Atlanta to meet Grace Hamlin and the team leading W-Underdogs: an organization that pairs rescue dogs with at-risk children in order to empower the kids while simultaneously rehabilitating the dogs.

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Episode 6

Miracle For Moms

In South Jordan, Utah, Mike and the crew return the favor to Tiani Shoemaker Clyde, a formerly single mother easing the burdens of other single parent families by surprising them with “little miracles

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Episode 7

The Farmer Feeding the City

Mike and the team are in Indiana to meet '''the Punk Rock Farmer'' Jonathan Lawler, a produce farmer making incredible sacrifices to ensure hungry people in downtown Indianapolis have access to food.

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Episode 8

The Firefighter Providing Furniture

Mike and the crew touch down in Omaha, Nebraska to meet Drew Gerken, a firefighter who also helps families getting onto their feet by providing them with furniture and household items.

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Episode 9

The Woman Changing the Foster Care System

This week, Mike Rowe and the team meet Ronda Paulson - the woman changing the foster care experience for children in Tennessee by way of her organization Isaiah 117 House.

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Episode 10

More Heart Than Scars

In North Carolina, a courageous group of adaptive athletes led by Zack Paben shows @MikeRowe the ropes of how they overcome their obstacles with More Heart Than Scars.

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Episode 11

The Drummer Helping the Trades

Drumroll please as @Mike Rowe and the @Returning the Favor crew surprise Letitia Hanke and the Next Gen Trades Academy in Santa Rosa, CA. Letitia deferred her musical dreams and started a program to educate and train young women and men find gainful employment in the trades fields while also providing a workforce for local contractors.

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Episode 12

Tapping for the Troops

Mike Rowe and the crew head to Pahrump, NV to witness the hottest ticket in town! 95 year-old BJ Irwin and her dance troop the Nevada Silver Tappers: a sisterhood of women in their golden years who put on dance performances to raise money for military groups and local charities and the crew head to Pahrump, NV to witness the hottest ticket in town! 95 year-old BJ Irwin and her dance troop the Nevada Silver Tappers: a sisterhood of women in their golden years who put on dance performances to raise money for military groups and local charities.

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Episode 13

Barney's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Grab the stuffing! It's a socially distant Thanksgiving Parade in honor of Barney Corrigan, a New Jersey man who converted his garage into a free food pantry to feed his neighbors who have been hit hard during the pandemic.

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Episode 14

The Baltimore Son Creating Change

This #GivingTuesday2020, the crew heads to Mike’s hometown of Baltimore, MD to give back to Dawod Thomas. Honoring the legacy of his dad, Dawod created My Fathers Plan, a youth-focused community cleanup program dedicated to cultivating change in the inner-city through community activism, tutoring and mentoring.

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Episode 15

Bringing Joy with Toys

This Christmas, Mike and the team return a milestone favor to Ashlee Smith, a young woman from Reno, Nevada who has been providing toys and hope to children affected by disasters since she was 8 years old.

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Episode 16

The Motorcycle Racer Saving Animals

Mike and the @Returning the Favor crew surprise Shelina Moreda, a motorcycle racing/model/dairy farmer's daughter who is saving animals from the wildfires and other situations in Northern California.

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Episodes - At Home Episodes

Episode 109

The Dad Teaching Trades to the Autism Community

@MikeRowe and the crew zoom over to Colorado to meet Danny Combs, a third generation tradesman who became inspired by his autistic son to start TACT - Teaching the Autism Community Trades: the first and only trade program in the entire country developed exclusively for individuals with autism.

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Episode 110

Community First

This week, things get a little rowe-botic as the team returns a slam dunk of a favor in Springfield, OH and meet Karlos and Moses of The Conscious Connect. Karlos and Moses reimagine and redevelop underutilized outdoor spaces in their community for the purpose of education, culture, health, and peace — so that zip codes do not define the success of children, youth, and families.

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Episode 111

The Mall Cop Sending Senior Citizens Love

Mike and the crew head to Knoxville, TN to deliver an extra special favor to Ashley Lynch. Ashley has always had a soft spot in her heart for the senior community, and when COVID-19 hit, she created Sending Senior Citizens Love, a public mailbox setup to collect greeting cards and well wishes to help those most at-risk and isolated feel loved and remembered.

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Episode 112

Desks for Success

Mike and the crew learn a thing or two this week when they touch down in Virginia Beach, VA to meet Trish O'Brien and George Melynk Jr. With the shift to remote learning, Trish realized that there was a desperate need for children to have their own space at home to do school work that wasn't on the floor, a bed, or crammed at a kitchen table. So she jumped into action and teamed up with local mill owner, George Melynk Jr. to help fabricate and gift over 600 desks to the students in their community.

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Episode 113

The Texas Family Fixing Bikes for Kids

This week Mike Rowe and the RTF team go for a virtual bike ride in Austin, TX to meet Juan Soto of 100 Bikes For Kids - an organization founded by Juan and his family which provides bikes to kids free of cost while promoting values of recycling, sustainability and community.

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Episode 114

Rocky the River Keeper

This week Mike and the team head to Sarah's hometown of Boston, MA to meet Rocky Morrison. Rocky grew up on the Merrimack River, one day he realized how filled with trash and waste were floating around, and his beautiful river had become a wasteland. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, Rocky jumped into action and started the Clean River Project, an environmental community patrol helping restore the ecosystem of the river banks and beautiful beaches to what they once were.

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Episode 115

A Veteran's Day Reboot

This Veteran’s Day @MikeRowe and the gang head to Turner, Maine to honor Dan Waite, a veteran who realized that the outdoors helped him find a sense of purpose and balance. Thus Operation ReBoot Outdoors was born as a way to help others who may be battling PTSD by taking them on hunting and fishing trips to help find relief, focus and camaraderie.

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Episode 116

Empowering Youth from the Inside Out

Things are heating up as the team heads to Tucson, AZ to meet Desiree Cook, Founder of I Am You 360. Desiree is on a mission to ensure that the most vulnerable youth and families have their personal hygiene needs met by providing them care kits. These kits help develop self-esteem, confidence, and over all well-being.

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Episode 117

Glassroots Recycling in New Orleans

This week Mike and the team head to The Big Easy to meet up with Max Steitz and Franziska Trautmann, who after a bottle of wine one night, found themselves frustrated by New Orleans’ lack of glass recycling. One thing led to another, and Glass Half Full was born; A grassroots glass recycling program that turns glass bottles into sand and cullet for disaster relief and prevention.

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Episode 118

100th Episode Celebration!

It’s a Returning the Favor Special! @MikeRowe and team celebrate the first 100 do-gooders featured on Returning the Favor and Mike shares his personal journey and lessons he’s learned as host of the series.

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