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Episodes - Season 2

Episode 2

Viral Dancing Sensation Gets a Big Surprise!

If you haven't seen Tammy shake her groove thing on social media, you are missing out! Once Steve saw Tammy's hilarious videos, he wanted to meet her and hear the inspiration behind her viral dance moves - AND had a huge surprise in store!

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Episode 4

Kaylin Says Her Curls Are Poppin' - and Gabrielle Union Agrees!

10-Year-Old Kaylin lit up the internet after a video of her embracing her natural curls went viral. After Steve found out that Gabrielle Union and Larry Sims also saw the video, he knew they'd be the perfect pair to give Kaylin the surprise of a lifetime!

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Episode 24

Tobe Nwigwe Has the Power of Music and Faith

This summer, musician Tobe Nwigwe earned much-deserved attention after he released his powerful song, “Try Jesus”. Steve couldn’t wait to talk to Tobe about the art, passion, and power behind his incredible music.

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Episode 34

Hey Granny! Rate These Celebrity Men!

After Grandma Allie went viral for rating celebrity men, Steve had one big question for her: What’s your ranking for me?

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Episode 41

She Believes Her Black is Beautiful!

When Daniel posted a video of his young daughter singing “My Black is Beautiful”, he had no idea the world would fall in love with them - including Michelle Obama! Steve caught up with the adorable father and daughter to get the powerful story behind the song.

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Episode 54

He Saved a Police Officer from a Burning Car!

Daylan had a long history of trouble with the police, including false accusations. But none of that mattered the moment he witnessed a terrible car crash - and pulled Officer Jay from a burning patrol car. It's the inspiring story we all need to hear.

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Episode 59

Will Our Son Be the Next Scary Black Man?

Elissa and Kevin are two parents raising their Black son, and with recent events they had a terrifying question: will their son be the next scary Black man in the news? It started a powerful conversation with Steve about parenting, race, and today’s society.

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Episode 63

From Homeless to Hired: A Woman's Story of Perseverance and Faith

Lashenda was unemployed and homeless, sleeping in a grocery store parking lot. But thanks to her powerful attitude, and a life-changing gesture from the store’s hiring manager, her life has changed forever.

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Episode 69

His Powerful Journey from Security Guard to Medical Student

A few years ago, Russell was a security guard at a hospital. Now he’s on his way to becoming a doctor at the very same hospital! He told Steve about his powerful journey, and the incredible work he’s doing to help other young Black people on the same path.

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Episode 74

Steve's Driveway Series with Kandi Burruss

Steve’s neighbor Kandi Burruss stopped by for a chat in his driveway! She shared what it was like to see him while disguised for The Masked Singer, the latest Housewives gossip, and what drives her entrepreneurial spirit!

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Episode 101

Should I Marry A Man I’ve Never Met?: Part One

She wants to marry a man who she’s never actually met in person… and lives in another country! This might be the craziest question Steve has been asked - and there’s even more to come tomorrow!

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